Northside Valley Eco-Villas in St. Croix, USVI 0

Northside Valley is dedicated to offering island vacations that minimize the impact of human habitation on the surrounding environment.  Our villas – built with native materials – have high ceilings, wide windows, and the shade of native trees to keep them cool.   They use efficient gas stoves for cooking and water heaters powered by solar panels. Waste is handled through a septic system that degrades waste naturally.


We treasure the geckos living at Northside Valley, and we are committed to preserving resources.  Our Eco Gecko logo symbolizes our love of island habitat. The following are a few of our eco-friendly practices – look for our Eco Gecko around the property, he’ll let you know about more.

  • We capture rainwater, a renewable resource, for use in the villas
  • The villas are equipped with recycling and kitchen scrap composting bins
  • Dishpan water may be disposed of on outdoor vegetation

Rated six (of seven) green leaves by Environmentally Friendly Hotels
Member of Butterfly Club at Eco Tropical Resorts
Member of The International EcoTourism Society (TIES)